Mexican Grill

Parrillada Mixta
A Combination of fajitas, ribs, shrimps and carnitas
JULIA'S MEXICAN GRILL is the Best Mexican Restaurant in Humble,TX
Fajitas, Fresh Lime Margaritas and the best Tex Mex in the world. Our faithful managers, bartenders, excellent cooks are well groomed with their professionalism and they are all dedicated to making your experience here a remarkable and splendid one.
Julia's Mexican Grill is classic bar situated in a fantastic Mexican Restaurant.


Julia's Nachos  Reg. 7.95 Lg. 12.95
 Tortilla Chips topped with refried beans, cheese and your choice of chicken fajita    
 Nachos Deluxe Reg. 6.95  Lg. 10.95
Tortilla chips topped with refried beans, cheese and your choice of ground beef or Ranchero Chicken served with guacamole, sour cream and jalapenos    
 Botana Plate  14.95  
 Beans & Cheese Nachos  Reg. 4.95  Lg. 7.95
 Tortilla chips topped with refried beans and cheese    
Guacamole Reg. 4.95 Lg. 8.95
Chile Cheese Fries 8.95  
Ceviche 10.95  
Shrimp Coctail 10.95  

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